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So I was tagged back by three different peeps for the 8 Facts Tag. :O Well, that's what friends are for. :D

I was tagged to tell facts about three different ServerQuest characters! Raedar, Jax and Mayl!
  Raedar bio art by RobotnikHolmes  Jax the shopkeeper art by RobotnikHolmes  Mayl the shopkeeper by RobotnikHolmes

Let's start with Raedar!
1. Despite being a fairy, a creature native to Treewire Woods, she knows little to nothing about that area or its teaches, but happens to know more of the gossip and the world outside the forests. There may be a reason for this. ;)
2. The music she listens to almost-constantly is usually 8-bit chiptune or 80s jazz funk.
3. Clearly inspired by Navi from Ocarina of Time, but instead of being incredibly informative and somewhat loud, Raedar is more detached and ditsy, but still keen on giving the hero Modeam hints.
4. Named after “radar”, an object-detection system that uses radio waves.
5. She has an aggressive rivalry with the Crawler Queen, the assassin with hookshots for arms. It is currently unknown why they don't get along. In fact, Raedar has a rational fear of Crawlers (spiders).
6. Unlike most fairies in Treewire Woods, Raedar has hands. Usually they don't, making them look more like flying, colourful segmented worms. :XD:
7. Her perky and aloof personality hides a troubled and vulnerable side of her. It seems she had a past she tries her best to hide by drowning it in music.
8. She has an unhealthy obsession with Mana Potions. One of the reasons she likes Jax the shopkeeper so much as a party member is because it means free potions. :la:

Next is Jax!
1. He's been a traveling salesman ever since he was a lil Byte. Its mostly to help pay for his uncle's dept.
2. He's pretty much an orphan. The only family member he has left is his uncle, who's also a shopkeeper.
3. He has a very deadpan, sarcastic vibe to him, but when with friends or trying to sell products, he becomes energetic and positive. :XD:
4. Despite being a starving salesman, he is not above stealing artifacts and items to sell at his stall. :O It has gotten him in trouble in the past with the Captain Crog and his crew.
5. He's relatively good with his hands, and is an expert at crafting things from nothing. His best weapon is Mana Potion-turned Molotov cocktails. :lol:
6. Jax has a past with the fish ninja Beacon. When they were kids she would often sneak up on him and try to steal his items, in a playful childish way. XP
7. He feels all his life has been building to the moment the hero Modeam offers him to be a member of his party.
8. Being a shopkeeper, in battle he makes a good medic/white mage/healer, and hates it that enemy formations tend to attack him first for his team-healing abilities.

And finally we have the NPC Mayl.
1. She is the owner of a fashion accessories store in the central village Harpinet Town, though it also doubles as an armour shop. :)
2. Mayl is a Crawler, a type of Byte with spider-like features that were long ago benevolent creatutes. She thinks they get a bad rep nowadays, due to Crawlers being enemies encountered and most of them following the orders of the self-proclaimed Crawler Queen.
3. Despite her sweet and innocent nature whilst greeting customers, getting on her bad side or being a pestering customer can reveal her more sinister and threatening side. :O
4. Yeah, those are blushes. But they're also two of eight eyes she uses to see, the rest being covered by her hair. :fear:
5. Mayl is also a retired teacher, her family having been in the educating business since forever. She's not too bothered by being the black sheep of the family career-wise, however. :XD:
6. She is relatively popular, some people even buy things from the shop just to meet her.
7. Her preferred form of clothing are maid outfits and Eastern-themed garments, particularly kimonos.
8.'t think of anything else about this NCP at the mo'. :O_o: Um...she's cute!
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So uh, anyone else here have Instagram? o-o

Thinking of making an Expression meme for each of the ServerQuest cast, mostly to practice with the art and facial featurse. XP What do you Watchers think? 

12 deviants said Yeah, do it!
2 deviants said Obviously do it.
No deviants said Hell naw.


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